Q : Can I study Japanese at the University of Fukui?
A : Yes, the International Center at the University of Fukui offers Japanese language classes ranging from the elementary to the advanced level. You can find more information here. In addition, you can find materials for self-study at the university’s Language Development Center (LDC).
Q : Which classes can I take at the School of Global and Community Studies (GCS)?
A : The School of GCS offers classes in two languages, English and Japanese, as well as courses in a range of diverse foreign languages. If English is your preferred medium of instruction, you can choose among more than 30 classes, including general humanities courses like philosophy, intercultural communication, and literature, as well as courses on modern Japanese culture and linguistics. You can find a list of courses and syllabi here. You can also take regular class in Japanese. Please refer to the instructor of the class you are interested in taking to discuss specific language requirements.
Q : Please tell me more about the student support system at the School of GCS.
A : We offer some supports so that you can lead a comfortable campus life. You can find information in detail here.
Q : Do I have opportunities for having a relationship with classmates in Japanese or English out of class?
A : Yes, there is a break area specifically for students of GCS. In this area, students, do their homework, chat during their free time, and relax. You can use the area freely.
Q : What is there to do outside of class?
A : The University of Fukui is bustling with student-centered activities. You can take advantage of free time to study in the library, or practice foreign languages at the LDC. You can take part in the intercultural atmosphere of the Global Hub and join weekly student-led events, or just relax there with international and Japanese students. Moreover, you can join student clubs and circles based on your interests. You can find more information here.