My dreamy 21


Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Taiwan

My dreamy 21の様子

The reason why I decided to study at the School of Global and Community Studies (GCS) is because I want to develop a completely global vision. Also, we can take classes together with Japanese students. Although University of Fukui (U of F) is in the countryside of Japan, I believe the system of GCS can lead students into having an open mind through communication with foreigners. Based on these ideas, I chose to come here and start my one year exchange life in U of F.

 Actually, we are the first exchange students from Wenzao, so I did not know much about U of F or GCS. Even so, I am glad I chose to come here. The students of GCS are easy-going and hard-working. They are very approachable and not afraid of talking with us or even getting close to us. I thought their behavior is the reason why I could get into a circle more quickly than I expected. However, studying in GCS is harder than I expected. It is not just because of my language ability, but because of the difference in education style. In Wenzao, my home university, we usually review the assignments after class, and have more presentations, group works or discussions instead of writing papers, so we prefer to talk more and share ideas with each other. Conversely,we are asked to do a lot of preview works, and papers here, so I felt stressful and anxious for the first few months. Also, I found out it is a little bit difficult to make Japanese students share their own ideas with you. However, all in all everything is wonderful here since I got used to these differences.

 Then, I want to mention about a class which named “Fukui Culture and Community”, also called “Project-Based Learning (PBL).” The PBL project which I joined is about making an English pamphlet that introducing taiken (hand-made experience) of Fukui. We hope to promote the tourism industry of Fukui and let more foreigners know and come to this beautiful city through the pamphlet. In order to make the pamphlet, we must to do the fieldwork and discuss with each other. I believe it gave me a chance to get close to the community of Fukui and Japanese students.

On the way to the fieldwork

On the way to the fieldwork

 In addition, I did a lot of things with GCS students outside of the class. They took me around the town and told me about Fukui and Japan. We also held parties, such as birthday party, takoyaki party, and so on. The exchange students sometimes made our own country’s dishes to share with everyone. We talk about everything, so I always learn a lot from our talking, such as the cultural differences and way of thinking.

Taiwan Food Party with Friends

Taiwan Food Party with Friends

 If you want to get close to local students, I recommend you to come here. You will not be worried about taking class with local students, because U of F has a free tutoring system, which called “U-pass”, the Japanese staff will help you. Some of the GCS students are planning to study abroad, and some of them are finished their exchange life. Because of that, they have the same feeling as us. We can share our experiences with each other. Also if we have trouble or worries, they will help you out and give you a hand!