Building the Future of the Region,
with the Breath of the World

Local and Global ――
Two Perspectives for Blazing Trails into the Future

Our Mission

About the School of Global and Community Studies

Becoming People Who Work on New Frontiers, by Understanding Both Local and Global

As our world becomes increasingly connected, it is more important than ever to keep the bigger picture in mind. In an era like this, what do we truly need in order to improve life in the community while connecting with the world as a whole? In 2016, we established the School of Global and Community Studies as a way to train the next generation of people who will take on this question in earnest.
It is fair to say that Fukui is not a world-famous part of Japan. At the same time, though, it also represents a new frontier, rich in potential.
Fukui offers opportunities for entirely new ways of learning, and through this we hope to train people with both global and local perspectives, ready to help the community and the world.

Keys to Learning

Keys to Learning

Three Pillars to Develop Both Local and International Perspectives

When it comes to both local and international perspectives, we emphasize three main focuses. The first of these is the desire, and the ability, to understand other cultures. Next is the ability to identify, think about, and act upon issues that exist within various aspects of society. Finally, the scientific mindset to analyze and understand issues in depth. We aim to equip students with all three of these skill sets.

Project-Based Learning

Solving Problems Together by Considering Society

These practical courses involve collaborating with businesses and local governments in the community, to work toward solving real problems faced by society. Students are taught how to independently think, act, and find their own answers in an ever-changing society. 

Study Abroad

Expanding Horizons and Building Openness to Other Cultures

Understanding other cultures requires actively opening oneself up to them and developing an awareness of people different from oneself, to learn to understand and coexist with one another. We offer a wealth of opportunities for study abroad and international interactions — the best ways to encounter other cultures.

Careers & Certifications

Careers & Certifications

The Highest Employment Rate of Any Japanese National University, through Excellent Support

The University of Fukui boasts an excellent employment support system. For fifteen years in a row, the University of Fukui has boasted the highest graduate employment rate of any national university with 1,000 or more annual graduates and multiple schools.* The School also works in close cooperation with the Career Center to provide students with support for various career paths, leading graduates to go on to work in a wide range of fields, including local governments, international companies, mass media, and the tourism industry.

*According to Daigaku Tsushin’s National University Employment Rate Rankings.


Testimonials from School Alumni

The dynamic atmosphere of small schools,
with the chemistry that comes from
interacting with other students.

Ryoga SATOClass of 2020

The freedom to further
your studies on your own.
I even visited Vietnam to research
a company’s overseas strategies.

Yuu ITOClass of 2020